Where SharePoint Excels Business Process Automation!

2018-05-31 (2)

Companies looking for an effective solution for BPA (Business Process Automation) often lookup to Microsoft SharePoint for an effective platform. While the SharePoint workflows have its own limitations, integrating with a third party engine on top of it can make a real difference. Business Process Automation using SharePoint in association with some other workflows is something that can help you streamline operations, reduce cost, improve customer service, increase efficiency and provide consistency for document heavy business processes.

With the help of SharePoint software, the manufacturing company was able to streamline business processes to provide faster response, efficient delivery of services and lower cost.

We have many examples of implementing SharePoint and Office 365 software enhancing various business processes for better services and reduced cost. The SharePoint/ Office 365 applications are adaptable enough to provide better service, higher productivity with more satisfied employees and customers while lowering cost.

Let’s look at few business processes that can be automated with SharePoint:

1. Document Feedback and Approval

Today’s leading organizations encounter document overload-an overabundance of documents that are to be passed through numerous people before getting it approved. Proposals, service agreements , contracts, sales presentation and other documents often has to pass through multiple feedback steps and approval process before they become ready to use. SharePoint has become a convenient resource for efficient management of document allowing stakeholders to provide approval and feedback as new documents make their way through the workflow. Document can be reviewed and edited online in SharePoint allowing multiple users to contribute to a project without any confusion over where the latest version can be found.

The SharePoint approval workflow routes documents from one party to the next assigning review tasks and following up with reminders to ensure that work is work id one efficiently and quickly.

The document approval process can cause big backlogs for organizations that don’t have a system in place to manage documents and alerts owners when they need to weigh in. With the help of SharePoint, built-in features to edit, upload and manage documents allow organizations to expedite the approval process for all kind of important documents.

2. Paid time off requests

Employee scheduling is important to run any organization smoothly and inaccurate paid time off tracking is costly. In any case, tracking holiday time and other PTO for huge enterprises can be a drain on management and HR employees. With Work 365 Leave and Time Management Apps that synchronizes with SharePoint, employees can submit requests for time off, chiefs can approve those requests, and accessible time off can be updated automatically so employees, directors, and human resource specialists always have an exact accounting of a employee’s utilized and available PTO.

3. Customer Support and Customer Service Requests

SharePoint is a capable tool for organizing and managing list of various activities, which is particularly helpful while managing customer support requests. Customer service workflows can be designed to help the exercises below, lessening the quantity of time employees must spend responding to customers and expanding efficiency and customer loyalty:

– Service request or incident tracking
– Giving updates on technical support resolution
– Alerting supervisors and assigned delegates to new tickets or status changes on existing tickets
– Tracking shipment and order statuses
– Customer service planning and appointments
– Progress toward complaint resolution

As customers demand increasingly quick and customized service, SharePoint automation helps companies to keep up while reducing a portion of the strain on their bustling customer service and support departments.

4. Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Fragmented onboarding and off-boarding procedures can cause enormous issues for organizations of all sizes. New employees require an efficient, precise approach to get the data they have to perform out their obligations, and existing workers should be handled carefully to dodge legal outcomes and loss of employee knowledge. SharePoint can enable organizations to address the two worries with workflow procedures to streamline the way employees join and leave the organization.

Some onboarding and off-boarding automation that can be set up by means of SharePoint include:

— Online form entries and a central data repository that can be accessed by involved employees and divisions
— Workflow automation and alerting to maintain a strategic distance from the deadlines and accelerate assets for onboarding
— Secure online portals to restrain unapproved access to sensitive, exclusive resources for existing workers.

Document heavy procedures are simple to computerize with SharePoint. Converse with Aufait’s professionals today to take in more about business process automation solutions intended to fit your organization.

The above illustrations are only a couple of the ways by which business process computerization can be executed in your business.

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