Top Strategic Procurement Trends to Watch Out in 2018


Procurement has empowered a more systematic distribution of assets and revenues over a wide range for enterprises. While it has streamlined mass purchasing for enterprises, it has additionally contributed towards cost effective methodologies that produce sizable incomes. This is an immediate result of the continually advancing domain of procurement solution as standard catalysts may not be functional and capable to deal with the regularly changing market place and the new emerging difficulties and necessities eclipsing the procurement teams.

Procurement has opened new roads for the online marketplace. It is presently an essential tool which can play crucial role in doubling your profits and user engagement. Other than saving a considerable amount of money for the enterprise, procurement also improves operational effectiveness. However, this area is so unique, which is precisely why one needs to stay in touch with all the most recent procurement trends to know this tool to the best of its ability.  

Here are the Top 8 Procurement Trends in 2018.

Procurement trends of 2018 incorporate big data and AI in procurement, developments, blockchain technologies, shoring, cloud innovation and IoT here are the most recent patterns in Procurement.

Cognitive Procurement

As the revolution in big data surprised the world in the recent years, the next big thing to expect in 2018 is what we refer to as cognitive procurement. This is one amongst the most exciting procurement trends which will empower dynamic and complex decision making and will also be instrumental in computerizing spend analysis, vendor management and contract lifecycle administration. It can be harnessed to the best of its ability utilizing devices like natural language processing (NLP) which will additionally be useful for spot purchases, best value identification, and contract analysis.


With the increase in cyber-attacks affecting databases around the world, the relevance of digital security is more essential than ever. Malware and ransomware immunity are some among the important procurement trends to follow this year in view of the imminent danger to data security.

Collaboration of Blockchain

The expanded pervasiveness of blockchain is one amongst the most noticeable procurement trends to keep an eye out for. Since procurements depend to a great extent on provenance, decentralized coordination, and exchange history, which all work on information, blockchain keeps on overwhelming the circle.

Cloud Innovation and IoT

Cloud-based advancements are better and more effective methods for tracking the procurement information and furthermore empower accessibility and centralization of system and supply chains by improving the viability of procurement. IoT collaborated with cloud technology will be much better and will additionally lift the status and demand for procurement services.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Another trend which is growing in such a fast pace is the collaboration of sustainability in businesses which frame a piece of Corporate Social Responsibility due to elevated awareness of customers towards social and natural causes.

More up to date Innovation

With logical and technological improvements, enterprises are presently adopting latest technologies to fight it out in the online marketplace. While innovation in technology will limit the risks, and improves adequacy and opportunity, it might require some investment and may include challenges in the underlying changes yet it would turn out to be a worthwhile investment for sure.

Keeping it simple

While procurement trends include complex and refined technologies, the importance of simplicity and availability plays a key role in the current workflow environment. This includes financial advantages and cash flow improvements.


While outsourcing helped the companies to reduce the cost for companies, nearshoring has quickly made up for lost time and enterprises are presently harnessing and investing in assets and opportunities in their home base and are currently using country based openings, shared laws etc.


E-procurement consulting should show the capacity to react rapidly, respond quickly and shed a significant number of the old stereotypes. There is tangible evidence that this hankering for speed is changing the way procurement operations in an enterprise. Procurement in the coming year is relied upon to stay sensitive to market trends and opportunities by depending on market analytics and vendor intelligence.

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