Things to Consider while Planning your SharePoint Intranet

thingsWith the upcoming release of SharePoint 2019, let’s have a look into the upgrades that are available in SharePoint 2016 which is probably the world’s most mainstream web portal software provider. With cloud-accelerated experience, an enhanced crossover search, and an entire set of new features and updates, SharePoint 2016 is considered the best iteration ever developed.

However, as energizing as SharePoint 2016 solutions seem to be, our experience with SharePoint 2016 has shown us that the platform regularly struggles on the client adoption front. Usually, the issue has less to do with the platform being inherently good or bad. Or maybe, it needs to deal with the fact that organizations and end-users struggle a lot to implement it in a valuable and significant mode for their enterprise. As a result, SharePoint gets a bad reputation.

Considering all the facts, how can you guarantee that your SharePoint Intranet is better than most? While every enterprise is different from one another, a majority of the best practice guidelines will apply to any scenarios. By following the below guidelines, you could develop an excellent intranet network for your company!

  • Requirements Gathering

Prior to SharePoint Intranet Development, your initial step is to discover what you really need from it. The Intranet is regularly authorized by individuals high up in the business or position – CEOs, the IT big bosses etc… This has always been a common practice, yet these people will just have one particular perspective on how the Intranet should function.

You additionally need to invest time with regular end users to see how they function, what they do and what they expect from a communication and collaboration platform.

  • Spotlight on Functionality

SharePoint is incredible, as it lets you customize pretty much everything as per your needs. However, a majority of the companies get fixated on putting their organization branding and logo all through the Intranet and invest significantly less time on functionality. Some of the key functionalities to focus are the structuring of the page, user navigation, how do we make it simpler to discover items? , other than that, an appealing theme will improve the value, however, it should come second.

  • Content is King
    Many SharePoint fail since they get stale. Your Intranet should be consistently updated and refreshed to guarantee it – and the data it contains – remains significant and usable. You have to fill it with valuable, refreshed guides, organizational data, and details regarding the business’ most recent accomplishments.
  • Make it Social
    SharePoint currently integrates well with Yammer, Microsoft’s enterprise social network (ESN). Yammer super helpful; they let clients address each other and work in a characteristic and intuitive way. Users get their own profiles which help in making the search function more human, and knowledge transfer is encouraged by silos being separated. Features, such as @mentions and ‘like’ help in making the intranet much more engaging.
  • Device Friendly
    The users of the current age are mobile-oriented than ever – they like to connect with enterprise network from wherever they are by means of any gadgets wherever they are, and from whatever gadget they use. Out-of-the-box SharePoint deals with this exceptionally well since Microsoft is extremely centered on the ‘mobile first’ economy. In any case, when you modify SharePoint excessively, these highlights will turn out to be less mobile friendly.
    Therefore if you do choose to radically modify the SharePoint User Interface, ensure that you test it completely to work perfectly on all platforms.
  • Have a Great Front Page
    Your SharePoint Intranet landing page is the place your employees begin and end their day. It ought to incorporate crisp, regularly update contents, and a list of links to important areas inside the Intranet.
  • Ensure You Get Metadata Right
    It’s not really the sexiest part of SharePoint, making sure you have a well-characterized metadata taxonomy is significant. If performed precisely and intelligently, metadata enables your employees to discover documents quickly utilizing SharePoint’s powerful search functionality. Anyhow, if it’s excessively complicated to include metadata, or your chosen terms are excessively dubious, clients will abandon it or may not apply it correctly.
    So, invest your time and money after really understanding the metadata and planning your business model.
  • Give Practical User Training
    The ideal SharePoint Intranet is an Intranet where the users effectively add to and edit their stuff. They should have the ability to upload, edit changes, and include content. In case they don’t know how to do this, they won’t utilize the platform, and you can expect low ROI. Give your associates valuable and practical training on how to do every particular task related with their particular day to day activities.
  • Make It Personal
    There are different ways to personalize your SharePoint– from named home pages to individual websites. Add the name of the site owner so people get to know who to request for more data.
  • Never Stop the Intranet Project
    The title of this blog is not entirely true, because no one can ever make their intranet project perfect. All you can do is regularly update, enhance, and progress SharePoint to provide a fresh and relevant feel. Recruiting a SharePoint chief (or team for bigger enterprises) will enable you to better organize the SharePoint content to keep it evergreen.

There are yet various things not specified in this post. If you wish to know more about SharePoint 2016, please connect with our team of developers to explore new areas.

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