Seven Fundamental Components of an Intranet Project

One of the key aspects of an extraordinary intranet is that it enables employees to meet up in a solitary place to communicate and team up. This has a specific value in global enterprises, where representatives work in a different location over various time zones. A perfect intranet unites employees and feels more like ‘one enterprise’.

It can be challenging to establish an intranet through a single project. The logistics of managing a large group of distributed employees, the amount of content on the intranet and collaborating existing intranets into a single global platform isn’t the right thing to do. By using Aufait’s Intranet Starter Pack, it becomes easy to develop an intranet than building a custom platform, activities and projects may still take quite a while once you factor in research, planning, testing, migration etc…

Here are some of our key insights on the fundamental components of a fruitful worldwide intranet venture.

  1. Do your research

Worldwide intranet projects will include an extensive number of users and partners, from various business divisions as well as from areas around the world. Those included must reflect the varieties in the global workforce with various types of employees in diverse roles and collaborating with those working in workplaces, production plants and forefront roles.

An efficient intranet is necessary to unleash the needs of the employees and do the needful. Due to the decent variety of the workforce who will be utilizing your SharePoint intranet, it is important to invest time on getting some answers concerning diverse working patterns, pain points, needs and points of view. This can only be accomplished through an extensive discovery and user research period that covers all your distinctive group of people.

There are various procedures to complete effective search including interviews, workshops, studies, observation, creating personas, usability testing etc., yet it is worth investing the time and energy. User research helps by creating a buy-in from users who feel they are being monitored and see that their requirements are being considered for the new intranet.

  1. Make a vision that everyone can relate with

With such a large number of various stakeholders, definitely there will be many contrasting ideas and opinions on what the new intranet should perform and deliver. Having a solid vision for the new intranet that everyone can buy into enables all employees to work towards a same end goal. It also creates an enthusiasm among users and stakeholders on the project.

  1. Work on getting the governance right upfront

Governance is a wide topic covering the different structures, roles, polices, principles and procedures to ensure the intranet conveys esteem and runs productively on a daily basis. Establishing governance upfront will enable your intranet portal software to develop in a more feasible and effective way, and also ensures you have excellent content. The requirement for robust service is especially intense in global intranet projects so that they could stop teams going off and “doing their own thing” and undermining the high caliber and quality of your intranet.

  1. Utilize personalization to adjust local and global content

One of the key features of the latest intranet is to convey customized content which is focused on the employees in light of their profile. A global intranet solution should “know” a few insights about the people going through the content and displays the pages and news based on the attributes, for example, the area that individual is located, the function they work in, the language they use or their seniority level. The local and global content should be collaborated promptly to guarantee the intranet is important and helpful to each employee.

Displaying a right balance in the global and local news is hard and requires guaranteeing all profile information is correct. Teams should likewise work with local content owners to guarantee they create authentic content and furthermore manage the logistics of multi-language content.

  1. Give importance to content and its findability

An intranet is just good as its contents, and a brand new intranet project gives the chance to ensure content is helpful, relevant, well composed, accurate etc… Furthermore, obviously, getting the content right helps in easily finding them. In global intranet projects, there are 2 key practices to help with these elements.

The first practice is not just to relocate your existing content, rather invest energy to distinguish the substance that is important and rewrite if needed. In case you’re migrating content from numerous nearby local intranets, it should reviewed carefully.

The second key practice is to build up a global navigation which is based around the way user think and work as opposed to organizational structures. The main dependable approach to accomplish this is to work with employees and do an extensive testing.

  1. Create a realistic guide for launch that includes change management

It’s fundamental to have a practical guide for the launch of your intranet globally. Worldwide intranet launches are frequently done over various phases, on the grounds that the central team is too small to completely support a single global launch, or because the features and abilities which will be gradually introduced.

Intranets additionally require continuous change management endeavors to encourage content owners and clients get the best out of the platform. For worldwide intranets, it is best to physically visit the key areas to help with launch.

  1. Commitment is key

Due to the complex nature and length of a global intranet venture, there will be times when things won’t’ run so easily or take longer than expected. Project teams running global intranet project should have commitment and patience. Moreover the project teams must keep the plans for transforming a secret, which was extremely hard when you are working with many employees to shape the new intranet!

Global intranets are really worth the effort

Worldwide intranet projects require some serious energy and are worth the effort. They offers an awesome channel to help keep the users educated, supportive and connect with employees throughout the world. By driving engagement and efficiency, they likewise give a springboard to create global digital workplace. By utilizing the above suggestions will help the teams in delivering exceedingly effective global intranets.


An intranet is a powerful solution to understand the needs of an employee by offering convenient and timely data and support. It helps in connecting people, scattered across various time zones and engages employees with the knowledge of an enterprise.

There are many tools and applications available which encourages collaboration and communication. The corporate intranet software is a collective, a portal that unites all these diverse tools, features and applications. The is of utmost relevance and value when the current marketplace is considered.

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