Reasons to Prove Why Good Design is Important for your Intranet

SharePoint, a very widely used tool for collaboration, is used extensively by large and small organizations. It is highly flexible and relatively easy to build with numerous features including document, libraries, task lists, calendars etc. However many users have admitted that SharePoint is hard to work with daily. Its basic and a little boring though its functional-Moreover, this is the answer to the question- Why is a Good SharePoint design important?

Increased User Adoption

Developing a SharePoint site should not be taken lightly since it’s a huge investment for the organization of any size. A lot of resources have been spent, from requirement gathering to designing and implementing to educating users, your employees should fully utilize the platform to increase the internal collaboration and productivity. The result of having an efficient SharePoint site is having your users to adopt it. After implementing SharePoint, if it’s clunky and doesn’t offer any improvement from the way things were done earlier, then your investment if fully wasted. The business value of good user experience can be measured in a number of ways like:

–Saves employee time

–Make the information more findable

–Make information management easier

–Saves on training cost

–Improves employee engagement

–Fosters social connections among employees

Corporate Identity

Even though the intranet is internal facing it should still feel part of the brand to employees. The company should be reflecting all its corporate values both internally and externally, otherwise, the employees won’t identify with them.

Builds Trust

When employees use the intranet and they see a good intranet design at first, then they are more likely to assume that the other aspects of the intranet will meet similar standards. Contrarily, if they see a poor design, then they are more likely to assume that the content, the functionality and the usability of the intranet will be equally poor.

Make Users Love using SharePoint

It is sure that you can use any SharePoint theme, but it is important to check if the style of your SharePoint site fits your corporate identity and color scheme. Your SharePoint should not be a separate entity but an extension of your business.  Design your SharePoint site with this approach, so that it will promote usage internally and you will see an increased user adoption.

Why is Design Vital?

A fully-fledged SharePoint implementation is designed to form the information backbone of your organization. It will then touch upon every area of your business. In order for the design to be correct, all the various parts of the business must be consulted and the requirements should be gathered to capture how users intend to use SharePoint functionalities, how the site should be structured, what list and libraries they need and so on. This will help establish a great foundation to build and design your SharePoint site in ways that make sense for your users.

Now that you have, a clean and well-designed SharePoint intranet sites, next you need to think about is governance. A good governance is critical to ensure you that none of your hard work is going to get wasted. Periodic reviews should be conducted on your site’s structure and the contents in it to ensure that the information is not being duplicated on the site.

There are many benefits a SharePoint intranet can bring to your organization from greater accessibility to information to increased productivity, but only when it is designed and implemented correctly.  Make sure of paying attention to this aspect while building your SharePoint site. Go to this blog: 5 Awesome Themes in Our SharePoint Intranet Starter Pack to see some great designs of what an engaging home page looks like.

November 13th, 2017 by