New Alert Messages – Communicating Heart To Heart

Recently I came across an Alert Message while I was trying to upload an attachment file using Gmail’s offline facility. An alert message popped up, which said, “Adding attachments while Offline or Flanky Mode is currently not Supported. We know this is tooootally lame. But don’t forget, Mail didn’t have basic stuff like drafts when it launched. We’ll keep working on it.

Google Alert Messages - Setting Standards

Google Alert Messages - Setting Standards

Google was communicating to the Heart. What a perfect hit (Ek dum perfect – the Indian way)! Google went the extra mile to communicating to the “Heart”. It was a beautifully personalized message, as accurate as it should be, that captivated my heart. That’s what I call a Heart-to-Heart communication. We in our daily business life, come up with many new ideas for implementation to our applications. We think over it, discuss over it, over and over again, when finally it is decided to be trashed. And why? Because it does not meet the so-called “Universally Accepted Web Application Standards”! Alas, all that “universal” thinking is gone with the wind!!!

What sets Google apart from the rest is, when they follow their own way of “Setting the standards and let the world follow”. I think we too need to adopt The Bold Google Way. Jai Ho Goooooogle!!!!!!.

February 9th, 2009 by