How to Setup a Sharepoint Server? An All-in-One Installation Guide


Are you ready to perform a SharePoint 2013 development environment installation? You will find this article definitely helpful for an installation so that you can begin with the basic operations of SharePoint 2013 such as creating web apps and site collections or working with service apps. It also serves as a great place for doing some proof of concepts like testing workflows and site hierarchies and this lets the system admin get some practice on some important operations like practicing how to backup SharePoint 2013.

Now let’s take a step by step through the installation of Microsoft SharePoint server

Before you install

— Ensure that you have met all the software and hardware requirements. You must have a 64-bit version of windows server and a 64-bit version of SQL Server 2014 SP1. For more information about these requirements, see Hardware and software requirements for SharePoint Server 2016

— Ensure that you perform a clean installation of SharePoint server 2016.

— Be sure that you are ready to set up the required accounts by using the apt permissions.

— Ensure the Max degree of parallelism is to set to 1.

Installing SharePoint server

Follow these steps to install and configure SharePoint server 2016

– Run the Sharepoint products and technologies 2016 preparation tools which installs all prerequisites to use SharePoint server 2016.

– Run setup, which installs binaries configures security permissions and edits registry settings for SharePoint server 2016.

– Run SharePoint products configuration wizard, which installs and configures the configuration database, content database and installs the Sharepoint central administration websites.

– Configure browser settings

– Run the Farm configuration wizard

– And perform the post-installation steps.

– SharePoint installation best practices

To install SharePoint is a basic task. You may either install it for yourself or colleagues or for your customers. Anyway, setting up a SharePoint working environment is quite beneficial and here are some of the best practices for SharePoint installation, which was found helpful for me.

Let’s begin with the requirements

SharePoint has its own requirements and you have to meet those. It has hardware and software requirements like Windows server 2008, SQL server setup Active directory domain accounts or DNS settings. Therefore messing around with the installation requirements is not really good and should be avoided. It is seen that some customers usually try to save money while purchasing a server and end up with investing more time and resources for its maintenance.


Take enough time and schedule resources accordingly before beginning the installation. Installing SharePoint can be done in an hour, maybe few hours or days. Since every environment is different, there are chances for problems to occur that you might have never seen.

Install packages

Prepare all your installation packages on time or verify if your customer has prepared everything. It is a waste of time if you need to wait or prepare it by yourself at the time you are ready to install SharePoint. I met many customers where resources and time where limited and the preparation was not done.


This is everything. Generally, there will be more than one environment to set up staging, production or an environment for recovery. Since somebody has to remember all the steps, which have been done, they have to be written somewhere. With this way of documentation, different people can do the installation at a different time.

In short, the installation process from a technical point of view is not really a problem or a reason for any problem. Here are some tips which have found to work best for me:

Meet the requirements

Try to obtain resources in time

Take your time and do it properly

Verify if everything is done properly for yourself and your customer.

Document everything.

The most common mistake developers make

Imagine the case you develop a SharePoint web part, a timer job or can be something else and it doesn’t work after its deployment. If the Sharepoint is poorly installed, one of this can happen and it’s not developer’s fault. However, do you know it’s an implementation issue or a developer’s fault? There are so many things should be checked for solving the problem which results in loss of money and time, therefore how you install it is very important.

Therefore, setting up a good performing SharePoint environment is a task for many people with various jobs. For even a project manager, it is equally important to understand that a properly installed SharePoint server saves time and therefore money during the development time as well as during the deployment to a test or production environment. Contact Aufait for SharePoint development, installation, and configuration. Being a SharePoint development company, Aufait specializes in SharePoint services and solutions to be delivered at its best.

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