How SharePoint Helps to Improve your Team’s Productivity?

Traditional intranet often focuses too much on improving collaboration and communication globally, thereby aiming for the qualitative benefits of enhanced engagement and morale. However, additional capabilities should be considered for the organizations looking for the intranet to be a crucial part of the digital workplace. The intranet today have a huge potential to improve the productivity of your workforce, saving money and time. Out of working with our intranet clients, we see more people are using the intranet to streamline business process and simplify task completion using various techniques. We have included a few ways an intranet solution can help you send your productivity to the sky, and help to squeeze out even more out of the intranet’s capabilities.

1. Centralize Digital Workplace Tools

This is the simplest and basic one, something that every intranet solution must replicate. For employees using a wide range of tools, to get done with their daily tasks, your intranet can act as a first step. With the help of directory of approved applications, the users can bookmark their favorites. With the help of this, they can not only cut down the searching time but also provide your users a confidence that the apps they are using are advocate and up-to-date.

2. Simplify Business Processes

Whether it’s signing up for a meeting, completing a health and safety form, sending a document for review or something more specific, your intranet can streamline the business process, being a powerful tool. The way you manage this within your intranet entirely depends on what you are planning to do, but the simplest way is using workflows and approval processes, which are built into your intranet solution. You can see various business processes that we automated using SharePoint workflows, on this blog: 10 Simple Self Services We Automated Using SharePoint

3. Minimize Search Time

People may be either navigators or searchers, so your intranet must cater for both.  The center of your intranet should be a well-organized navigation, with drop down leading to further organized sites. If the contents are hidden within links, it will take excess time for the employees to look for the information they require. A solid navigation should also be supported with the help of an intelligent global search which brings back a range of keyword-based content. Since this is how search engines work and this is what your employees will be familiar with.

4. Streamline Task Management

An intelligent intranet solution ought to have the capacity to integrate with the tools your employees are already using to manage tasks, thereby taking productivity to next level. You can integrate these systems deeper into your intranet empowering employees to undertake activities without switching context between systems.

5. Bring People Together in Online Spaces

If your team is working on time zones and departments, it’s necessary to provide an adequate space for them to team up on the web. Your intranet solution should allow them to rapidly set up online pages that consolidate knowledge management, task management, social conversations, people and more. By uniting all this, you are helping employees to cut down the time spent hunting through email threads for attachments and actions, helping users to go with the work that truly matters.

6. Simplify Knowledge Management

In a worldwide organization, knowledge management can often be complex, with a variety of options for storing and sharing content. We have seen productivity increment across our clients’ portals as these disperse tools are consolidated and integrated within the intranet. Knowledge management can be improved further by surfacing relevant knowledge around the intranet. By enabling documents to be quickly and easily moved up around the intranet, dynamically updated, you can make it simpler than ever for users to find the documents they are searching for, enhancing productivity.

How Do You Implement?

In the next phase of your digital workplace, do not leave communication alone take the control over requirement gathering. Modern intranet software is doing so much more to streamline various processes and make workers more productive. Therefore, it is essential to plan how to do that in the correct way. Our intranet Starter Pack can often be an initial step, enabling you to use out of the box functionality to rapidly streamline some simple processes. Taking into consideration the integrations and configurations with external systems it’s imperative to do this in a way that will be adaptable in the future. Arrange a demo today and see how our intranet solution could help improve your organization.

November 15th, 2017 by