How SharePoint can Benefit Various Industries?

Microsoft is still claiming SharePoint Server as the fastest growing product in the company history. SharePoint is nowadays the most compelling platform, which can be adopted across industries. Whether it a simple intranet or document management, a large number of companies can utilize better from ROI than they are currently. So to give you a better idea of everything what SharePoint does and what all you could do with SharePoint beyond the most basic document storage and sharing tasks, there are various industries for which we have already worked and working on now.

We have been working closely with customers to help them implement SharePoint platform in various domains including technology services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Government, Travel and Logistics, Manufacturing etc. The Microsoft SharePoint Consulting services employ domain centric frameworks that meet the specifics of industry and drive increased collaboration and productivity.

Industry Number of companies
Computer Software 10342
Information Technology and Services 9988
Hospital & Health Care 4688
Financial Services 2542
Construction 2332
Higher Education 2204
Staffing and Recruiting 1916
Nonprofit Organization Management 1823
Government Administration 1791
Management Consulting 1684

1. Computer Software

A software companies heavily depend on communication and collaboration. The company assets are often decentralized in independent silos. The business processes are likely to be inefficient. The most ideal solution is Microsoft SharePoint, which is a versatile framework that can be used as an internal collaboration tool for enterprises. It can easily scale up to be deployed as an Enterprise Content Management System. The basic goal of SharePoint in a computer software field is to make it possible for a company with a hundred employees spread all over the region to work with the same level of agility and coordination as a company with ten people working out of a single office.

2. Healthcare & Life Science

Managing the most confidential information in the most regulated way is always a great challenge to such organizations. SharePoint’s content management capabilities are the major reason for the success in healthcare industries these days. The CMS allows organizations to create publish or edit their content from a centralized interface

3. Construction

Employees and sub-contractors can easily manage project-related content including emails, RFIs, submittals, project timelines, and transmittals together in SharePoint, from the applications and devices they use every day. Rich metadata support, federated Outlook/SharePoint search capabilities, and offline access drive records management, collaboration, and productivity for your organization, and provide protection during discovery initiatives.

4. Staffing & Recruiting

HR Management is one of the most common areas SharePoint is applied for. Many companies have chosen SharePoint based solution and portals to manage employee databases, store HR documents and data, automate onboarding, conduct a performance evaluation and track employee training. SharePoint helps in collaboration, provide amazing storage, is customizable, secure and accessible from anywhere and these help for your HR strategy

5. Retail

Microsoft SharePoint consulting services efficiently manage activities of the supply chain, which is a major component of the retail industry, which includes interacting at each point, documentation at every supply chain point and collaborating across all points of the supply chain from procurement to sales.

6. Travel & Logistics

Travel and logistic industries are characterized by huge data and demands rigorous collaboration. Apart from Typical intranet and general communications, SharePoint in Travel and Logistics  helps organization tackle such complex problems like Collaborating hubs/Airports data from different stations, Conducting periodinc performance apprailsals, Customer Complaints tracking etc. seamlessly.

Wrapping Up

What we can see is that Microsoft SharePoint has been setting up itself as one of the go-to tools in business over the past 12 years.  Its influence is developing and the number of individuals who rely on its abilities is also getting larger by the day.  However, still too many companies out there are not taking advantage of all that this tool brings to the table, and their bottom lines are likely suffering as a result.

If you are ready to provide your business with an incredibly capable productivity boost, contact our SharePoint consultants today to learn more about what this product can do to improve your business situation.

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