How Intranets can help in Disruptive Digital Transformation

Traditionally one of the criteria for assessing organizations maturity is based on how far they have succeeded in standardizing processes and KPIs. Today among such companies how much of those they have successfully digitized is also an indicator towards maturity. Often during this process to reduce the impact of change, organizations used to try and replicate the existing manual or paper based process with minimum changes. Such optimizations are called as Digital Transformations since its largely driven by digital technologies like intranets and collaboration platforms.

As there is nothing like a final process as the highest maturity is often recognized when organizations are in a position of continuously optimizing those. This means that the platforms for organization should be architected for flexibility to cater the changing requirements for optimizing the processes. This is one of the important reason why intranets and collaboration platform plays a crucial role here since it helps in easy collaboration and has flexible tools for automating your business processes.

All such digital transformations need not necessarily be a disruption, as disruptions are about shaking the status quo towards an unexpected direction.  Though disruptions are inherently unpredictable and risky, due to unexpected external disruptions like sudden changes in the, environment, market, politics, technology, etc. many organization dare to take the risk of disruptive digital transformations as they believe chances of helping towards strategic goals than optimization transformations are more.

Following are key reasons why organization should consider intranet and collaboration platform to support disruptive digital transformation initiatives:

  1. Easy and fast to implement: A good platform is often easy to implement, With a good portal platform you can implement process automation or business application at high speed. Recent trends also focuses on zeroing it by adopting cloud based solution
  2. Easy to optimize and iterate System should be architected for flexibility and handling changing processes.
  3. Powerful search where they can quickly find enterprise resources like information and people
  4. No Code Solutions: This created a new category of application developers who need not be programmers by empowering Power Users who can be more of business background than technical. And a good platform allows such power users to come up with simple business applications without help of programmers.
  5. Enable Informed Decisions: Companies can handle disruptions better if they have early warning system based on right data. A good BPM/Workflow platform provides you with more data and information than you ever wanted by which quantitative analysis and informed decisions can be easily performed.
  6. Empower Sharing: A platform which can help people to communicate and collaborate breaking hierarchical reporting structures, formal governance policies, etc. like facebook and twitter

So Disruptive Digital Transformations need to be achieved by simple implementation procedures where we can change if we realize its not working as expected or in other words, flexibility and agility becomes even more important for organization adopting disruptive digital transformation, where based on certain feedbacks, processes and policies can be changed quickly.


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