How Intranet Starter Pack helps in Rapid Deployment


SharePoint as it is, is very agile and not much user-friendly, we make it the best by customizing each module for different organizations. As a result of many such deployments, the common features required for a typical organization is bundled along with quickly rebrandable templates.

Intranet projects generally take a long time frame to complete. As per reports, an average intranet project lasts for about 1.5 years. Although this information is based on a small number of projects, it is a figure which hasn’t been changed in the past years.

And these figure appears to be about right. We are aware of many huge SharePoint intranet projects which have taken eighteen months or considerably longer to get started. Given that some intranets at that point experience stage by stage launch to various parts of an association, the whole project can take even longer.

The main issue is the sheer length in the implementation. Eighteen months is quite a while in the work environment. Amid this period, an organization can experience huge change with mergers, acquisitions and rebuilding. Strategic priorities can change and new administrations can be included. New advancements in technology can happen and new tools come into utilization. Worker needs and preferences can change.

These development’s shape how an intranet is designed and set-up. With eighteen months or even a year-long “time to market,” it implies your intranet is having a risk of being outdated even before it is launched!

The power of instant deployment

Fortunately, there is currently the possibility to build up a significant and effective SharePoint intranet considerably more rapidly. Some of our ventures now traverse a couple of months or weeks.

The improvement of “SharePoint intranet-in-box” products like Aufait’s intranet starter pack has additionally accelerated the execution procedure. Our product is equipped with tested designs, layouts, applications and features, which implies an intranet can be instantly deployed with full capabilities. Nowadays there is no need to spend months and years on developing and testing custom features.

Setting up an intranet in days!

In our experience, there are likewise a few customers who require a much quicker deployment. This might be a direct result of a critical deadline or in light of the fact that the IT work has embraced agile strategies for deployment.

Aufait’s intranet starter pack comes with all the core, the basic highlights of the Aufait’s intranet incorporates an arranged landing page with the web parts you require, news with social segments, favourite links, worker index, departmental sites etc. You could also avail the feature of adding to and developing up your intranet after this.

Advantages of Rapid Intranet Deployment:

Here are some advantages and favourable circumstances of a quick SharePoint intranet deployment:

  1. Lesser risk of being irrelevant and outdated:

As we discussed earlier, an intranet project which is immediately deployed is significantly more prone to be relevant and aligned with current objectives and organization strategies. It will also more precisely reflect the requirements of your employees.

  1. Minimum expenses and earlier ROI

Whenever an intranet project continues for a considerable time period, the expenses soon begin to mount. This isn’t simply because of all the time spent by everyone on the project, but also because you might be missing out a great opportunity for cost saving by proceeding with your inefficient old platform.

Few administrators will likewise be eager to know; how long would it take to see a Return On Investment (ROI) on the new intranet. If this is tallied from the day of the undertaking began, then there are chances for ROI to happen significantly earlier.

  1. Be in step with Office 365

Obviously, many SharePoint intranets are still on-premises, yet for those utilizing, Office 365, a quickly deployed intranet means it can be in along with the consistently growing range of applications accessible on the Office 365. As you open these highlights up to your workforce, your SharePoint intranet can be the front way to the Office 365 world.

  1. Use a more iterative and coordinated approach

Old SharePoint projects are regularly connected with a “waterfall” outlook with a detailed set of requirements, a long development time. It’s is considered that this approach can lead to intranets not suited to the requirements of clients, and also being extremely troublesome for small groups to execute.

An agile approach with little, iterative enhancements is a more successful approach to execute an intranet. Here, the intranet is moulded by user feedback and actual, ongoing utilization of the tools, prompting a significantly more client-focused platform. A fast intranet deployment enables you to use this approach.

  1. Keep up the momentum

Long intranet projects can be a tiresome process. Team members may leave, there are starts and stops, priorities may change and the venture can lose focus. A quicker deployment guarantees that the group stay motivated and empowered, delivering an incredible intranet without spending eighteen months of hardship.

Intranet ventures don’t have to take forever. Aufait’s Intranet Starter pack offer an alternative where small, medium and large enterprise can rapidly deploy an intranet without compromising on quality.

Your clients will appreciate the advantages of the intranet much earlier and you’ll likewise have an intranet from where you would then be able to make enhancements and include features based on customer feedback and experience. At that point, your partners will appreciate seeing an earlier ROI.

Maybe, it’s an ideal time to join the SharePoint intranet revolution


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