How can SharePoint help a Distributed Sales Team?


Every organisation’s fate is decided by the ability and execution of the sales. Members of the sales team have exceptional difficulties particularly as a result of the high volume of travel – whether it is to meet with potential or current customers, attending events related to their work and networking as well. This work far from their office brings unique summons to an IT division that requires to keep data streaming to their travel-heavy sales champions.

This article aims to help such organisations with distributed teams for sales especially when they are based in different geographies. At Aufait we believe, enabling sales team with a modern digital workplace with effective utilisation of collaboration platforms like Microsoft SharePoint is vital for survival for such organisation.

Your sales team should be available everywhere in today’s world. Client’s needs change and develop once the discussion begins. Sales team find it difficult to grab all the information and marketing materials that are accessible in this evolving world. In addition, most recent changes, activities and advancements are difficult to keep up when out on road.

Here are some common challenges faced by every sales team when they are on road, and how SharePoint can offer assistance:

1. Collaborate with Pre Sales

Whether it’s developing a proposal or presentation, SharePoint offers a collaborative platform for working as a team and produce a quality document with proper versioning and audit trials.

Track-leads with workflow, though most CRM offers this facility, with SharePoint’s flexible platform its easy to build workflow to ensure all leads are captured and assigned appropriately till closure. Sharepoint helps to organize, update, access, change to and provide instruction on how to utilize every bit of data.

2. Access to documents without being at the office

Whether its past proposals, Presentations, or any other document for sales or presales team SharePoint platform offers a quick way to organize, search and find them.
With SharePoint Online, your sales team get the most recent and greatest of all their business materials and information. Centrally managed repository helps to everyone to be in touch with every data. Users just need their credentials to sign in to their SharePoint Online Portal and get the data they require from the organization without being onsite. With SharePoint Online, your sales team will have their sales and advertising materials accessible where they require it and when they require it.

With SharePoint Online, solutions are accessible all around the globe with Microsoft’s fantastically dependable uptime of 99.98% to 99.99%.

3. Working without Wi-Fi/Internet access

Your on-road team might not have Wi-Fi accessibility all the time. During these circumstances (e.g. holding up at the air terminal, in-flight) your team still works hard to get important files ready. SharePoint Online can empower this work by providing key documents to your team who are offline via Outlook or on their OS.

All your essential libraries will be accessible to you out and about, regardless of whether you have web get to or not. Your team can work on the synced documents without losing productivity. And once the team is back online, SharePoint with consequently synchronize their changes to the file.

4. Multi-Device and Mobile Enabled Platform

SharePoint online has a Mobile and Tablet centered environment with applications for iPhone, Android and the Windows Phone. All your data is accessible on a smartphone or tablet, empowering your business group to flaunt your best-promoting materials anyplace – in the customer office or anywhere the customer suggests. Your team would now be productive alone with their gadgets regardless of whether Smartphone and tablets, utilizing SharePoint Online.

5.CRM Online and Salesforce Tie-in:

You can tie in SharePoint with Microsoft CRM Online and Salesforce to make a consistent platform for the sales team.


So much more!

Visualizations with Power BI: With real-time dashboard and splendid visualizations, you can customize and make exceptional drill downs for your sales teams.

SharePoint Online with its consistent help of Office records empowers your sales team to work together progressively. The sales team can make, co-creator and share documents in real-time. Your sales team would now be able to meet your customer’s deadlines and rolls out any last improvements to their SOW from anywhere.

With the help of this platform, you can utilize every tool Microsoft provides to make your sales team genuine sales champions. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner specialized in portals, collaboration, content and customer relationship management, We provide SharePoint implementation for any organization as we how to utilize each platform to maximize the value and fame, get in touch with us today to ask for a complimentary session with our SharePoint developers.

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