How Are Companies Using SharePoint?

SharePoint has become an industry-leading platform for; intranets, secure document management, collaboration, and much more. All the more imperatively, now SharePoint is not just for bigger organizations; small companies can also profit from the use of SharePoint as well.

Even though SharePoint has been available for nearly fifteen years, many people do not still get what SharePoint is and how to effectively use them. Surveys have found that almost 81,364 companies use Microsoft SharePoint. An increasing number of businesses are also using it for things like reporting, social networking, financial services, HR document management and other advanced process automation.SharePoint survey

Looking at Microsoft SharePoint customers by industry, we find that Computer Software (11%), Information Technology, and Services (10%) are the largest segments to use SharePoint.

SharePoint combines various functions, which were earlier separate applications: intranet, extranet, content management, personal cloud, document management, enterprise search, enterprise social networking, workflow management, business intelligence, an enterprise application store and web content management.

Here are seven of the ways enterprises use SharePoint for keeping everyone in the same loop and on the existing page:


SharePoint is one among the leading site for building intranet portals. Sharepoint can meet all the internal demands with a strong focus on usability, security, and scalability. An internally facing site of your company where everyone in your company can sign in to find access to a variety of information. Department or role can customize dashboard and various levels of access can be permitted. A company’s intranet serves as a kind of meeting room that everyone in the company visits and attends throughout the workdays.


SharePoint likewise have the ability to impart information outside your organization with customers, vendors, partners, and suppliers is vital to most businesses. You can provide with all the access that may require from your company while giving them a place to transfer all the data you may need about theirs. SharePoint extranet solutions can build your customer service levels and enhance communication flow with potential clients or partners. SharePoint’s industry-leading extranet capabilities drive home its status as a robust and intelligent platform.


Intranets present an online environment where an organization can get its employees the data and records they require progressively. SharePoint is designed to extend the ease of interaction among groups.  You can just sign in to SharePoint from any gadget and have nonstop access to data on venture statuses and any related things. SharePoint has numerous features such as document version control, notifications, message sheets, and wikis to help with collaboration.

Document Management system

SharePoint offers businesses a shared space to store documents so they are not locked away on any one person’s hard drive. Everyone in the company can acquire documents shared on SharePoint unless the admin limits. SharePoint also lets you and your colleagues work on a single document simultaneously saving previous versions and tracking updates

Automate Business Processes

Intranets, in addition, give companies the chance to automate processes that are utilized regularly all through the organization. This can eliminate the time employees spend on unnecessarily dreary tasks that a PC can improve the situation. SharePoint has both built-in workflow automation capabilities as well as integration with leading third-party tools.

Building Rapid Application

The SharePoint platform empowers you to develop various applications which are:

-Scalable: SharePoint gives an extensible framework that enables you to add applications and features as expected to meet growing demands.

-Collaborative: SharePoint incorporates features that enable you to create workspaces where individuals share thoughts, reports, and other resources.

-Content-driven: SharePoint allows you to create and publish content that is custom made to your users’ needs.


SharePoint is a great content management platform for public-facing websites.The power SharePoint goes much further than excellent internal support; it also is behind the creation of much beautiful public-facing websites of top companies.

SharePoint’s fundamental strength is its customizability and this makes SharePoint such a powerful tool. You can customize any part of business collaboration efforts you can think of with SharePoint Implementation. Though it’s not the best out-of-the-box tool available for managing your enterprise content, yet it can be configured to address remarkably complex challenges. Therefore, there are quite a few reasons an organization may build their corporate site on SharePoint, however, each company’s reasons are probably a little different.

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