Comprehensive Mobile App for Airlines

Building Airline Mobile App

Creating a comprehensive mobile app for an Airline service provider is quite a challenge in many aspects. Since an Airline depends on a multitude of third party vendors and solutions for its core operations, bringing every such solution onto one seamless platform to provide a unified customer experience is a hectic job. This  emphasizes the need for impeccable planning , regular productive interactions with the vendors , learning and adapting different standards, complying with different technology platforms not to mention the user experience and other factors like security, maintainability and performance.

Our mobile application framework plays a crucial role in building a comprehensive Customer Touchpoint System, our future strategy. We recommend Airlines a “mobile first” strategy to engage a customer and project mobile app as a primary touch point for an enhanced customer experience. The categorized list of features that follows will allow Airlines to envision the various capabilities of using a mobile app to accelerate their services..


  • Mobile Offers and Notification:  General, Partner and Frequent Flier offers can be provided as push notification with rich graphics using mobile app.


  • Booking engine integration and facility for Managing Booking
  • Up Selling / Upgrading / Enhanced service delivery
  • Integrated payment gateway for mobile duty free shopping
  • Ancillary services request forms
  • Self service for booking upgrade to available higher classes

Frequent Flier

  • Frequent Flyer profile on your fingertips
  • Redemption
  • Duty free shopping
  • Buy/Transfer miles
  • Secured Digital membership card

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Mobile alerts/Notification for timely checkin, service by design and flight status
  • Check – in
  • Chauffeur Service
  • Capture contact details for building a comprehensive customer profile data
  • Integrate/Synchronize Customer profile for Personalized services

Service and Support

  • Feedback Form integration
  • Complaint management and status tracking of submitted complaints

We believe we gained comprehensive experience and expertise in all requirements of Airline Industry while building a world class app for a leading airline. We have integrated the booking engine from Sabre, Frequent flier system from Amadeus and many IATA specific file formats for processing and displaying flight schedule, status and other essential information.

We have successfully integrated and developed following features which are presently undergoing a major revamp in terms of consuming the extended web-services for a seamless and faster user interaction

  • Book a flight
  • Flight Status
  • Checkin
  • Flight Schedule
  • Frequent Flier System and Mobile membership card

We have witnessed an immediate spike of mobile users, with an initial  launch of our mobile application, which we strongly believe will get better with our revamp and long term strategy to bring out a successful product. Going forward our team is geared up on the above road map as part of continuous enhancement of the framework. For more information please Contact our Airline team.

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