5 Tips for an Effective Intranet Makeover

makeovrDoes your SharePoint intranet struggle to stay competitive in the digital world? Perhaps your enterprise developed it some years ago and your employees never active in, or maybe they moved away over years.

Whatever the reason, it is normal to see underperforming intranets, and despite the fact that it’s irritating for managers to look after, but by taking the correct steps, you can change things around. In this post, we will discuss 5 key strategies through which you can increase the engagement of your intranet portal software.

  1. Process Automation

Intranet usage suffers the most when the platform is not utilized the most.

Do your employees still work in timesheets, vacation requests, and reports by email? By moving such tasks into SharePoint, you can automate those tasks and it wouldn’t require any manual effort.

People generally start to work with new tools because of their necessity, but once you demonstrate them on how it will make their tasks much easier – then you got them hooked. The employees will not only get used to the intranet, the automation of tasks will streamline the process that was once tiresome for them.

  1. Better Navigation

Nothing has much effect on user adoption like poor navigation.

It’s significant to keep things basic and simple to discover. For instance, in case you’re utilizing many site collections, consider the ones you can take out to make the navigation simple and basic. You may need to think of some code to keep the navigation organized and steady through various collections.

One way to approach this is to use a homepage link and dropdown for various departments, another for groups, activities, projects, etc. Over that, you can use SharePoint Subsites to arrange content according to the navigation. For e.g., you may have a subsite marked “Departments.” Underneath that, you can also provide a subsite for HR, IT, and every single other department in your company. It makes things much easier to oversee from the navigation perspective.

Once a user easily get to navigate with intranet seamlessly, you should make pages, files, and archives available and organized so they can discover everything effortlessly, which will influence them in utilizing the site more.

  1. Streamlined Permissions and Governance

Have you at any point needed to change the permission for new employees one by one, or revoke the access of a previous employee? If this is the case, you could imagine what a mess it can turn into. As your company grows, it gets harder to deal with permissions on an individual premise, and monitor who access what.

Instead of that, you can form teams, characterizing particular permission each team can have, and after that basically, add or delete people from the team as per requirement.

  1. Brand Your Intranet

What do you think will keep the users more occupied: a platform with a SharePoint logo or one with your enterprise logo on it?

By modifying your intranet, you could include some brand colors and elements, you can influence it to feel more like home, and less like an unknown entity. You can even go a step further by giving your intranet a cool name.

You should also provide individual and organization achievements on the SharePoint portals. Suppose your sales team or a specific employee hit a key target for this quarter, rather than simply sending an email, post such achievement on the intranet.

All that really matters is – you require content if you need people to remain enthusiastic on your intranet. It’s the same as a public facing website. Firms that regularly update their contents on a regular basis with important, engaging content get significantly more engagement from the employees with SharePoint. None of us would like to see the same thing for a long time. By keeping things updated and unique, you’ll see it simple and easy to win over them.

  1. Incorporate SharePoint with Your Company Culture

Other than branding, weaving the company culture into the portal can do wonders for your organization.

Do your employees cherish using Yammer? Put it on your SharePoint landing page. Do they rally around for any activities in the network? Include a place where they can read and post their comments.

You can likewise employ gamification and contests to keep individuals active on the site. Even though nothing common is going on, you can approve user participation by giving the users a “thumbs up” when they make an intriguing remark. Any kind of acknowledgment can encourage participation.

It is difficult to change the habits of every employee or persuade people to give an old system another chance. Rather than simply requesting people to use the SharePoint intranet design, you should develop a strategy that influences people who need to utilize it. By initializing all these strategies, you could lead to a path of success with SharePoint.

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