4 Ways that shows your Intranet needs a Revamp

revampIntranets are a valuable piece of technology, to be more specific, great intranets are useful in many ways. Terrible intranets baffle employees, particularly when they need to depend on them. Intranets like these end up harming more than they help.

However, it’s both easy and regular for good intranets to move into a terrible state. Intranets that were initially impressive end up stale and difficult to manage if not updated and interacted on a daily basis.

One key factor due to which a corporate intranet software may become stale is due to disengagement from its employees. Employee interaction was not a hot topic prior to 1993, however, after the introduction of “Employee Engagement” in 1993, it has been a trending hotshot among multinationals companies. Whenever organizations offer new products, strategies, or management techniques, they toss the topic whenever or wherever possible.

Employee Engagement portrays the satisfaction and commitment they have towards the company. An engaged user shows their commitment towards their work. They will probably drive innovation, produce new ideas, and make new customers. They will add more value to the company they work for. Studies reveal that engaged employees are less stressed.

 How Disengagement affects the organization

We can sort these employees into two groups: actively disengaged and partially engaged. The individuals who are partially disengaged represent 68% of the workforce. They are normal representatives, the ones who do their work but doesn’t goes beyond what their organization expects of them. While they don’t increase the value of a company, they don’t take any away either.

Also, the last 32%? They are actively disengaged. They don’t care about their work nor their organizations, they hate their jobs. They not only add value to the organization but also effectively take it down. These employees are accountable for a loss of $1 billion annually.

Now, you might be thinking, “Is my intranet awful? How can I find it?” Well, you’re in good fortune! Here are four indications of a stale SharePoint intranet.

  1. Your Intranet is Hard to Use

Well-made intranets are simple for users to use. They’re intended to help employees without letting other tasks to act as a burden. They help employees to carry out their tasks in ways that are advantageous to them.

Stale intranets are difficult to utilize. If your intranet doesn’t bode well, something isn’t right. While a good intranet encourages you to carry out your tasks, a terrible intranet keeps you down with errors, long loading time, and other issues. While a good intranet is enjoyable to use, an awful intranet is difficult to navigate.

  1. Your Intranet Wastes Employees’ Time

The main purpose of an intranet is to spare time. There are a lot of ways an intranet can do this, however, we’re just going to address two of the most well-known ones. A decent intranet encourages you to discover things you require with smart search capacities. It likewise encourages you to communicate and team up with different employees.

Stale intranets effectively eat up your time and affect your workflow. Rather than making data simple to find, they cloud it into a mess. Dull department tabs? Outdated data from 2000? They have everything (to say the very least). Rather than finding what they require, employees wind up submerged in a flood of data.

Rather than encouraging communication, awful intranets encourage excess use of email. Studies demonstrate this dawdles. These are only two illustrations. If you take too much time to perform simple tasks on your intranet then its a clear sign that your intranet is having some problem.

  1. Your Intranet is Outdated

With the change in time, you can get the latest technology in your hands that can outrun your old technology. For instance, would you rather have a high-end smartphone or a mid-2000’s flip phone? Intranets work similarly. An up to date intranet offers much more in quantity and quality than a stale intranet. It’s much easier to utilize, and it can accomplish more

Moore’s Law suggests that all innovation in technology becomes outdated within 18 months on an average basis. This implies if your intranet isn’t refreshed within that time frame, it has become outdated. Refreshing an intranet doesn’t promise it will be up to date. Regardless of whether you refresh a portion of the content on your intranet regularly, if your intranet looks or feels obsolete, it presumably is.

  1. Your Intranet Frustrates Users

Great intranets aren’t frustrating. It is the thing that this all comes down to. If your intranet is baffling or not making your life simpler, it has already gone stale. Unlike others, this one is more open-ended. There are many ways a terrible intranet can disappoint users. They lose data, crash etc… They bury users under a pile of referrals and authorizations.

An intranet that baffles employees will set them back and make their lives harder (which eventually reduces engagement). If it isn’t evident whether your intranet is disappointing, ask yourself the below queries.

  1. Do individuals use it? (Not exactly when they need to.)
  2. Do they choose to utilize it?

If the response to both of those inquiries is a no, then your SharePoint intranet is most likely frustrating users. A stale intranet can have a drastic effect on the life of an employee and performance of the company.

If your intranet is showing some of these side effects, It is time for you to update your intranet solution and get a brand new intranet service for your enterprise and grow in your field and company as well.

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