How to Optimize Your Sharepoint On-premises Plan?

sharepoint on premises

Companies have several reasons to keep their server-based SharePoint deployments. Some businesses append to SharePoint On-premises because they want to take complete control over their implementations, others need to spare their investments into the SharePoint infrastructure and licenses. Organizations also regularly lean toward SharePoint On-Premises to the cloud owing to its customization flexibility and functional […]

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The Role of Intranet and Office 365 in Accelerating Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the most popular way now to define the journey for many organizations who are seeking to leverage technology to bring in exponential growth, introducing new services change their own business models or in turn change the customer experience. The focus of digital transformation can be internal and external where the primary impact […]

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Integrating Microsoft SharePoint with Drupal

A Drupal SharePoint integration is usually marked by a public facing website for anonymous users built on Drupal, combined with SharePoint intranet that is used for document management and internal collaboration by authenticated employees. This integration helps to play the strengths of both the platforms. SharePoint connects enterprise resources, and gives enterprises the benefits of […]

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