Top 4 Ways SharePoint Help in Digital Transformation

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Digital trans1Digital Transformation is marked by making the life easier. The things which were once difficult and time-consuming are now simplified and made efficient. In fact, digital transformation is the transformation of the business and organizational activities with the present and future shifts in mind. i.e. transferring your company from manual processes into a fully digital and automated workplace. The digital transformation is most sought out and is becoming a rage among organizations these days. Unlike the pre-digital transformation where users had to depend on desperate apps to work with, now they can be made more productive with Microsoft Office Suite which is available as a package where individual apps can be easily integrated.

Customer’s success stories motivate us and show us how SharePoint empowers every individual or an organization to share confidently, transform your business process, engage the employees and users and harness collective knowledge. By looking through this, you will come to know how these outcomes quicken your digital transformation. Productivity platforms like SharePoint and Office 365 work hand-in-hand to create a collaborative environment and thereby promise digital transformation.

1. Share with Confidence

SharePoint lets you share all your files securely with anyone elsewhere. The deep integration permits you to collaborate on the files and help you work with ease. You can also access files which include your work-file shared by some other person regardless of where it is shared, be it on Mac, PC, an iOS or an Android device. SharePoint team sites are modernized and additional enhancements are added to SharePoint team sites to unify collaboration experiences further. Connecting the existing SharePoint site with Office 365 helps in augmenting the site with shared conversation, calendar, and planner. Another add-on of this collaboration is that you can get a support for adding up SharePoint pages as tabs in Microsoft Teams. The sharing task is made simple so that you can share the file with anyone you need. You can also send a link to someone who needs to access those files where have the control over how long the link provides the access with the help of permissions you grant.

The digital Transformation depends entirely on four imperatives which include engaging your customers, transforming your products, empowering your employees and optimizing your operations.

2. Transform Business Process

Improving business and operation process are tightly intertwined with and is fundamental to digital transformation. You cannot bring out the real digital transformation without some emphasis on business operation and process improvement. SharePoint helps to streamline yours or your organization’s task, integrate processes, automate workflows into your work regardless of where you work from.

The first step towards transforming business process is to start building with the Power apps. Now you can use Microsoft Power Apps to easily develop custom forms and digital experiences that surface in the context of SharePoint library or list. Users are privileged to create or view and also interact with data with the help of custom form or experience and not default SharePoint forms. Approval flows have also been built into SharePoint libraries. New built-in approval flows allow you to send any document for approval with the help of a custom message. The recipient can approve the message directly from the actionable email message.

3. Inform and Enroll Employees

Digital transformation is not possible without employee empowerment. Intranet lets you communicate with people and thereby keep them informed, it enables to engage employees and foster open conversation. Also, stale and static contents kill intranets. So, ensure that you update with fresh dynamic content regularly. This gives a reason for the users to come to the intranet on a routine basis. This engagement is the true fundamental of driving digital transformation.

SharePoint communication site helps you to reach a broad level of the audience. A communication site is a dynamic and beautiful site that lets you reach many onlookers thereby keeping the organization employed and informed. It looks good whether on the web, on a mac or pc and in the SharePoint app. It can be created in short period of time by configuring the default web parts on your site’s pages to tell your story.

4. Harness Collective Knowledge

Now a personalized search is introduced which leverage machine learning and AI. Here, search results activate people cards so that you can learn about the person and content they work upon. Another click activates a detailed view of particulars from the user’s profile. You can secure your contents and manage all your service. The developments in cloud deliver new potentialities to the IT professionals who work solely to support, configure and administer their organization’s content and services. You will have to configure a bunch of SharePoint settings and then make a new dynamic site management page which lets you filter the configurations of your SharePoint sites.

Quicken your Digital Transformation

According to Research Digital businesses are on the path to digital transformation, but have ways to go:

digital ttrans4

digital trans5Here, we have unveiled recent innovations in SharePoint so that you can manage and share content and apps to build a more connected and collaborative workplace. So, now it’s time to get ready to re-envision your business model. This is a different way to bring people and data together thus contributing to digital transformation. SharePoint contribute to your digital transformation by generating a cloud platform which is intelligent, increase productivity and so transform business processes and design more personal computing. Now, you know where to start or what improvements have to be made if you feel the digital transformation isn’t quite done in your workplace.

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