Designing SharePoint for Future Digital Workplace

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image (1)Intranet, simply, the internet within your organization, is a result of applying technology to your corporate network. Microsoft SharePoint is the most efficient platform for creating intranets. Whether in large corporations or small non-profit association, Microsoft SharePoint intranets are used to enhance communication and drive collaboration. Simply installing SharePoint is merely the beginning. To own a great intranet, you will still need UX design along with its development. Just by seeing the intranet designs you will get to know how efficiently the intranet is being used in that enterprise.

A design is a key element in an intranet where more attention is to be paid.  Shared today, is a SharePoint intranet design to make all your page shine. The design is 100% fluid responsive and supported in multiple devices. All of these pages have been created by dragging and dropping Widgets, boxes, rich text and images onto pages, with the layout defined by a simple Grid which has multiple Row configuration options. With a load of new widgets to play with, new configuration options, page layouts and more, we’ve put together some of our favorite intranet page design examples to get you inspired. Whether you’re building out business pages, information pages, collaboration sites, campaign-specific home pages or more, here is a trendy design intended for the ‘people on the move’.

The Bigger Fish to Fry

How useful is your intranet’s homepage?  Is your design modern or a blast from the 80s or 90s? Your homepage is the first thing encountered while clicking to start the intranet. This gives the first impression and can often be the deciding factor of, whether to continue or stop the journey. Often, intranet home pages are stuffed with generic and company-wide information that has little actionable use to the individual using it. Here is a simple design which incorporates many helpful attributes in the homepage which makes the SharePoint intranet something to be used every day and, not a place to be looked at occasionally. The dashboard consists of the readily available elements which are to be used regularly which makes the design Visually-pleasing, on-brand design.


The Social Sync

This SharePoint intranet design coupled with faster internet speed has allowed an efficient way of working, where colleagues can more effectively collaborate. Collaboration may take place between various offices located anywhere. This allows information to flow freely, and to better communicate and work on projects together. The underlying purpose behind using this feature is often to increase the ‘interactivity’ of the SharePoint intranet and to aid ‘knowledge sharing’ goals.


The Meeting of the Minds

Updating with fresh news and contents is often the central element of a SharePoint intranet. We designed this section to represent intranets role as a news channel. Our fundamental idea was to provide a single location where all staff can visit and find out the latest happenings and updates. In short, this page becomes a platform to allow the co-workers to meet in a virtual meeting room.


The Daily-Grind

How do you manage your own to-do list? Or How do you get notified when a task that you are waiting on is completed? Or How do you request/assign tasks to others? Gone are the times when people used notepads or sticky notes to manage own to-do-list. We have designed this task management page which can streamline personal, project or document-specific tasks. You can also keep your personal task private and separate from company tasks.


It’s useful to spend some time considering intranet design, to use the built-in themes we provide. Hope these designs are visually pleasing and have simple navigation that can be easily identified. This looks elegant with the good mixture of brand colors, a great white background color, and a clear text. The visibility of commonly used applications pages and widgets are arranged in an iPad fashion. Probably, these intranet designs give you an idea how to create shining, great looking and effective intranets which can be created using grids and widgets functionality. The graphic design is always a factor, even on the most functional of intranets. However, depending on the audience and the objectives of an intranet, it can also be a decisive factor in its success. Now you can discuss with your IT groups and create a plan with your management, design team, and employees, to find the best solution for your organizations’ mobile needs, and for your intranet design which will find tremendous use not only for today but also for the future.

Get in Touch to learn how an intranet in an organization can overcome various challenges in your workplace, and how to build an efficient intranet.

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