Factors to consider while estimating SharePoint 2016 Migration

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Though accurate estimation of Migration depends on many variables specific to organizations, How ever, for the effort and cost of migration to SharePoint 2016, first, you need to do a through audit of your current system. This is the beginning in estimating the cost of migration, or to even take a re-look at the decision to migrate.

As a first step, let’s try to understand the capabilities of SharePoint 2016.

From a technical perspective: The 3 most important points are:

  1. Better integration with office 365
  2. Seamless cloud integration
  3. Better UI, easier to navigate.

The second step is to understand the variable cost associated with the migration. You need to consider the following.

  1. Purchasing of new licenses
  2. Upgrading of existing licenses (as the case may be)
  3. Augmenting your existing infrastructure
  4. The cost of auditing your content for relevance and migrating them to the new system
  5. Transition cost (direct and indirect cost of ensuring the new system is adopted by the employees)

The third step is to examine the following points in relation to your organization. This can certainly give you a ball-park figure.

1. SharePoint version in your organisation

If you are using the latest version of SharePoint 2013 Microsoft allows you an upgrade. This is however, not possible if you are using the older version of SharePoint 2010,2007 or 2003. To circumvent this you can first upgrade to SharePoint 2013, and then to 2016. However, since this is time-consuming, you may want to check out the best possibilities with an experienced company to help you. Aufait Technologies specializes in SharePoint migration projects in the most cost-effective manner since 2004 and can advise you free on this. Click to reach out to them

2. Extend of customizations and third party applications

The cost will be directly proportional to the customizations you have implemented on your existing SharePoint, as it may not be possible to port to the new version. This means you will have to first upgrade your existing customizations to make it compatible with the SharePoint 2016 version.

Same holds true for the 3rd party applications, as these applications need to be upgraded to the newest version

3. Features that are unavailable with SharePoint 2016

There are some features that are removed from SharePoint 2016. Please click to get a detailed list that has been precluded in the new version. If you are extensively using any of these features, you will have to find alternatives. This may lead to some cost


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May 10th, 2016 by