10 Simple Self Services We Automated Using SharePoint

SharePoint Workflow

Most of the organization still relies on paper-based processes to perform and manage day-to-day activities. The traditional approaches have an adverse impact on the productivity of the employees. Companies seeking an efficient solution for business process automation often look up to Microsoft SharePoint as an effective platform. SharePoint Workflows can be used to manage the common business processes within a company by enabling their company to combine their business logic with documents in a SharePoint library.

Here in this blog, we would like to share you some of the self-service we automated. We believe most of these can be used for any typical organization. Let’s look out a some of different business processes/Self Services that we have automated with SharePoint!

  1. Employee Timesheet: With SharePoint, you can plan and assign work as well as review and approve timesheets. This helps in recording the time in, time out, start and end time of the task or simply the duration of a task of each employee
  2. I Suggest: This allows an organization to drive internal innovations efficiently by enabling employees with a simple form in their intranet or self-service section to gather suggestions on improving the organization processes or sharing an innovative idea which can further go through an approval process before implementing it.
  3. IT Service Request: With a simple for a workflow we can have single point for all self-service including IT Support though it can be integrated easily if you have any separate IT help desk in place
  4. Employee Expense Claim: This expense reimbursement and approval using SharePoint help the companies to track and organize the employee expense reports. The users can see the list of submitted requests and track the status of their expenses.
  5. Training Request: The process of sending a training request and availing the approval is automated with the help of SharePoint workflow. The request can be approved or rejected at any point.
  6. Accommodation and Transportation Request: With this form, you can set up specific types of workplace accommodations to the workers, like booking a hotel or even company accommodation. The transportation form arranges the transportation facility for the worker, which may be booking a cab.
  7. Charity Contribution: This automates the process of making charitable contributions and suggesting different Charity related opportunities that can help organization CSR initiatives
  8. HR Service Request: The HR-Service Request form automates the function of submitting complaints, suggestions, and services related to policy, procedures,  and HR activities in general and tracks it to closure.
  9. Telecommunication Facility Request: With workflows, you can organize the request for a communication aid like a new/Recharging SIM, home internet connection etc. by filling the telecommunication request form in your SharePoint.
  10. Temporary Pass Request: The worker can request a temporary pass for his/her visitor. The status of the pass can be viewed and is sent to the security after the approval of the supervisor.

Apart from the above mentioned simple requests, document-intensive processes can also be automated in SharePoint.Most of these, as you can see, can be very useful for any other similar organizations.

Feel free to talk to our workflow experts in case you want to learn more about above-mentioned SharePoint workflow solutions or a new one that is required for your organization.

November 6th, 2017 by